The Brilliance of Barolo – An Unforgettable Dinner

6 thoughts on “The Brilliance of Barolo – An Unforgettable Dinner”

  1. Tom,
    I live in Florida but seriously considered jumping on a plane to come up for your dinner. Alas, work got in the way. Thanks for the awesome review of the wines and food, it conveyed a real sense of what it would have been like to be there. I’ll make sure I get your next one on my calendar sooner.
    p.s. I have a ’64 Borgogno Riserva…what are the chances this will hold up as well in 2 years? An outstanding vintage, but similar to the ’61?

    1. Mark:

      Thanks- how nice that you wanted to attend – maybe next time.

      Your ’64 should be fine for several years. That was another outstanding vintage. Ratti also labeled this as “majestic” and wrote, “full and intense perfume; perhaps just a little too hard, but ideal for long aging.”

      Perhaps my friend Charles Scicolone from New York will see this and be able to contribute a thought or two. He is an authority on older Barolo.

  2. May I make a further comment. Cesare Boschis came to Sydney, Australia a few years ago with a bottle of 1947 Barolo. The wine ha just started to lose colour but had only just started to lose its flavour. I would imagine if store correctly the wine will still be OK.

    The Boschis family were the original owners of Borgogno and sold it a few years ago.

    Glynis Macri, a friend of Tom’s, also in the wine business.

  3. Can’t compete with those stories as the oldest Nebbiolos I have are mid-80’s. But as a huge fan of the grape (mine are mostly Barbarescos) this post is fascinating reading. Come do a dinner in NY or Philly and I’ll be there!

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