Uniquely Italian – Part Two

2 thoughts on “Uniquely Italian – Part Two”

  1. Tom,
    Discovering uniquely Italian wines – how cool is that? You probably couldn’t exhaust all of the varieties Italy has to offer in a life time. Thanks for introducing four more. Last May while staying in Alba, I was introduced to a little known, and almost extinct grape, that is making a comeback (at least regionally) – Timorasso. I thought it was amazing – interesting blend of grassy herb and floral components with a hint of mineral-diesel reminiscent of reisling, yet dry and full bodied, with some chardonnay characteristics. I’m sure you’re familiar with this wine, but do you know of any producers exporting to the US? Mark

    1. Mark:

      The most famous producer of Timorasso is Vigneti Massa (Walter Massa) and his wines are imported. Another excellent producer is Martinelli. I’m not sure if the wines are imported or not. A quick google search should answer this.

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