Italy’s 50 Best White Wines

16 thoughts on “Italy’s 50 Best White Wines”

  1. Tom:

    A wonderfully bold assertion of the greatness of Italian white wines, and totally justified. Like everyone who knows these wines, I would have my own rankings and argue with you about some inclusions and exclusions, but I know how much work and thought goes into compiling a detailed list like this — so instead of quibbling, I’ll just applaud. Bravo, signor: bene fatto!


    1. Tom:

      Thanks for your comments and yes, you’re absolutely right about everyone having his or her own opinions on a subject such as this. I might even have a vastly different list if I wrote this again in one year’s time. But the point is to make everyone aware of how great these wines are.

  2. As Tom Maresca said, a daunting task. Bravo! But how could you have left out Tiefenbrunner’s Müller-Thurgau “Feldmarschall” Vineyard, surely the greatest Müller-Thurgau in the world!. And personally, I would have included two “just-misses,” Benanti’s Pietramarina (a Carricante must be in Italy’s best whites) and course the renowned Jermann Vintage Tunina in a “top 50 Italian white list—not to mention Gravner’s Ribolla Gialla!

    1. Ed:

      Thanks very much for the comment. Yes, there are always wines I could have included. I know a lot of people would include the “Pietramarina” and the Vintage Tunina in the Top 50. No argument there – I just found others I preferred.

      As for the Tiefenbrunner, you’re right. I probably didn’t list this as I haven’t tasted it in some time, but it’s absolutely a great wine. Thanks for keeping me honest! (I’ll have to try a bottle of the Tiefenbrunner soon in your honor!)

  3. Reblogged this on – Nascetta Story Blog – Il bianco delle Langhe del Barolo and commented:
    Nella first 10 troviamo un Timorasso tortonese, nella third 10 il Riesling di Germano, nella fifth ten un Arneis. Per il resto è una lotta tra Fiano, Soave, Verdicchio, qualche Traminer, Pinot, Sauvignon, qualche friulano. Una sola Vernaccia di SanGiminiano. E la Nascetta? non pervenuta, e ci può stare, ma solo perché speriamo che Tom Hyland non l’abbia ancora assaggiata 😉
    Credo che in questa classifica, per quello che vale, l’Italia sia rappresentata in maniera omogenea e piuttosto obiettiva. Anche noi nel nostro piccolo, con il nostro film “Nascetta Story” cercheremo di portare lontano e verso nuovi lidi il nome della Nascetta di Novello

  4. Tom,

    The best Italian whites are characterised by a plethora of grape varieties unlike other wine producing countries. My only regret is that not more of them are available here in Australia.

    My favourite top whites are Vorberg, Nussbaumer and Terre Alte.

    At the everyday level Gavi is at the top of my list – a sunny afternoon, grilled white fish for lunch on my deck shared with friends – just so enjoyable!!!


    1. Bob:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I can imagine that many of these are not available in Australia. While more of them are imported into the US, I have to travel to Italy myself to taste some of these wines! Glad you love the Vorberg, Nussbaumer and Terre Alte- great wines!

  5. Dear Tom, I think this is your personal rankings. Great!!! But I’d like more if you can present a list of unknown farms producing good wines (better organic) instead of your trademark directory. In Italy, you can read about that wines in any advertising and find most of them them in markets or discounts. Just a few in “Enoteca”, good wine shop…

    1. Ben: Thank for your comment. Of course, this is my personal ranking – I couldn’t do it any other way. Everyone has their own preferences; this is my list after tasting thousands of wines out there. Many of these are organic, by the way.

  6. Gentile Tom, sono Alessio de Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara a San Gimignano. Vorrei ringraziarla per aver inserito la nostra azienda in questa fantastica lista. Scusi se mi permetto di ricordare che il nome corretto della mia azienda è “Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara” e non “Santa Chiara”
    Grazie ancora!!!

    1. Caro Alessio:

      Grazie tant per le parole gentile! Il tuo Verdicchio “Campo della Pieve” é un gran successo! Buonissima, gran persistenza e molto piacelvole!

      Ho cambiato il nome della tua azienda – grazieper la segnalazione.

  7. Well, you have given life even more meaning. Currently drinking my way across the Veneto, and then into Franciacorta territory, I now have even more lofty drinking goals. I agree that Italian whites are fabulous, so sincere thanks for this comprehensive road map.

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