Piemontese Women Have their say

4 thoughts on “Piemontese Women Have their say”

  1. Thank you, Tom, for this beautiful review. I am so happy Labor of Love touched you so. We are looking forward to learning more about the food and wine Piemonte from you in your own upcoming book.

  2. Hey Tom……..Enjoyed your review. I too have enjoyed reading Suzanne’s remarkable book and, on the strength of a copy I have here in my shop (a sneak preview she sent me to coincide with a visit with Chiara Boschis, one of the winemakers featured in the book, have sold a dozen copies! I too have been traveling to Piemonte for many years and know most of the figures profiled here, but learning their in-depth backstories has been an epiphany! Fascinating book- very highly recommended…..

    1. Thanks for the comment, John. The book is first-rate.

      Keep an eye out at this site for news on my Piemonte book, which will be published in a few weeks

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