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Visual Treats – Some of my favorite Italian wine labels

I’ve tasted several hundred Italian wines from every region of the country over the past few months for an important project I’m working on (more on that in a few weeks). I’m getting there, but have a lot more to taste, so today, just a fun post displaying some of my favorite Italian wine labels. God knows there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of wonderful labels out there, especially the classically designed ones that adorn the products of many famous Barolo, Brunello and Amarone producers. For this display however, I thought I’d go with some of the more distinctive modern designs, all graphically unique and beautiful.


What I love about these labels is that they are beautifully designed with distinctive graphics, yet you have no problem identifying the wine and the producer in an instant.

Do you have any cutting edge Italian labels you love? Let me know!

August 15, 2012 at 7:19 pm 4 comments

tom hyland

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