Elegance and Value from Franciacorta

There’s a belief in some circles that the wines of Franciacorta are expensive. I’d like to introduce evidence to the contrary with the beautifully made, value-priced offerings from Ronco Calino. Founded in 1996 by businessman Paolo Radici, Ronco Calino produces several style of Franciacorta, Italy’s most famous metodo classico sparkling wine. Recently, Michael Skurnkik Wines of … Continue reading Elegance and Value from Franciacorta

Bellavista – Top 100

Mattia Vezzola, enologist, Bellavista (Photo by Tom Hyland) For every wine district in Italy, there are one or two estates that are looked upon as ambassadors for their particular territory. When it comes to Franciacorta in Lombardia, home to the country’s finest sparkling wines, Bellavista is regarded as a benchmark producer. What’s remarkable about this estate … Continue reading Bellavista – Top 100