Taurasi – Three Marvelous Verticals – (Part Three- Mastroberardino)

Opening the 1961 Mastroberardino Taurasi (Photo ©Tom Hyland) In my previous two posts (here and here), I wrote about marvelous vertical tastings of Taurasi from two first-rate producers: Feudi di San Gregorio and Luigi Tecce. As Taurasi is a significant red that does not receive the attention it deserves, it’s a pleasure experiencing the beautiful work … Continue reading Taurasi – Three Marvelous Verticals – (Part Three- Mastroberardino)

Un pranzo magnifico!

Fagottino con cicoria e caciocavallo con cream di ceci al profumo rosmarino Puff pastry with chicory and caciocavallo cheese with cream of chickpeas, rosemary fragrance (Photo ©Tom Hyland) Be it a humble trattoria or a celebrated ristorante, I’ve experienced many great meals in Italy, but few were as memorable as the magnificent lunch I enjoyed at Il Posto delle Rose Selvatiche during … Continue reading Un pranzo magnifico!