Wines of Veneto

Cartizze Vineyards, Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene (Photo ©Tom Hyland) On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Chicago was host to the Wines of Veneto for several events, including a sit-down seminar featuring 10 Venetian wines, a dinner at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush and two Prosecco tastings, one at a Treasure Island retail outlet and one at a steakhouse … Continue reading Wines of Veneto

Masi – Top 100

Sandro Boscaini (Photo courtesy of Masi) Think of the wines of the Veneto region and chances are you think of Amarone. Think of great Amarone producers and chances are you think of Masi. This winery, managed by the Boscaini family since 1972 (although this family’s history with local vineyards dates back to 1772), is truly … Continue reading Masi – Top 100

Pieropan – Top 100

Leonildo Pieropan (Photo ©Tom Hyland) Soave has several identities, from simple sipping wine to a long-aging white with distinct minerality and outstanding complexity. Unfortunately too may consumers only associate Soave with the first description; yet the truth today is that there are dozens of the area’s producers that are crafting glorious bottlings. First and foremost … Continue reading Pieropan – Top 100


  Few wines produced anywhere in the world have captured wine consumers’ imaginations as has Amarone. Rich and powerful, this is a red wine that is appealing upon release, but offers an entirely different sensation when consumed a decade or more after the vintage. Amarone is produced in the Valpolicella zone, just north and west … Continue reading Amarone