I have readers ask me all the time about finding particular Italian wines – some of these are the wines I write about, while others are wines that readers have encountered. Thus I thought I’d mention a few things about this process.

I write about wines that impress me and often these are from small estates; thus it will be difficult to find these wines throughout the United States. Some producers don’t even export their wines to the States, due to limited production or legal paperwork, but most do. But most cannot supply a national importer that needs enough wine for restaurant and retail chains as well as hotels and clubs. So it’s the small importers that handle a lot of the finest Italian wines.

This means that you might find a particular wine in the New York City area as well as other major markets such as Chicago and San Francisco. Or there might be a small estate that only has two or three importers across the country, so you could only find their wines in places such as North Carolina, California or Florida. It’s different with every estate.

I choose to write about the best and most interesting wines from Italy to let readers get a better understanding of what the Italian wine industry is all about. If I only wrote about wines that had national distribution, I’d be limiting myself to the same 200-300 wines again and again. Very nice estates, mind you, but when you realize the thousands of wine producers in Italy, you know why I do it this way.

In short, there are two ways I recommend when you need to find a particular wine in the U.S. (assuming it is available). One is to ask a good local retailer in your area, especially one that carries many small estates from Italy (and the rest of the world). The second is to do a google search, listing the producer and wine. You’d be surprised how many sites you’ll find that might carry the wine and have it for sale over the internet.

If you don’t find a particular wine, try something similar. Italian wine is all about variety and local traditions, so you’ll probably discover something exciting!

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  • 1. Leslie  |  October 1, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    I am intrigued by your site! I have recently launched a site dealing in custom designed itineraries for Italy. What interested me was your blog on the Vitoska wine. I started this business because of my strong connection with the Friuli region and the fact that it is widely unknown in terms of Italian tourism. My desire and quest is to open this area up to food and wine tourism. Obviously a lot of great wine comes from the Friuli region, but so much of it is unknown and under appreciated. I am also very interested in the Prosecco area and in also improving tourism to that area. I wonder if you would be interested at all in co-creating a few wine tours or in leading a tour. In Friuli you have a number of different areas producing some unique wines, as you well know. I love the carso, it is a unique area, one that I know fairly well as I spend a good amount of time in Trieste. I would love to hear any thoughts you have or advice as to the wineries that may be the best for touring and education. Thank you for your attention and time, Leslie Geiringer


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