Beyond Barolo and Brunello


Beyond Barolo and Brunello: Italy’s Most Distinctive Wines

“Tom, the book is splendid… every winery you speak about in Italy should have a bunch of copies.” - Piero Selvaggio, Valentino Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA

My first book on Italian wines has been published! Titled Beyond Barolo and Brunello: Italy’s Most Distinctive Wines, this is a look at the true Italian wine industry. I have written about more than 550 wines from 492 producers from the entire country, from Piemonte in the north to Sicilia in the south.

Having made more than 55 trips to Italian wine regions over the past dozen years, I have had the good fortune to visit with producers at their estates and taste the wines that represent their land. The best of these wines, no matter now expensive or humble, are wines that offer a sense of place. This concept, along with that of today’s finest producers respecting the work of their parents and grandparents as well as the heritage of their land is what real Italian viticulture is all about.

Here is a collection of critical praise for Beyond Barolo and Brunello: Italy’s Most Distinctive Wines:

“Tom captures the personal stories of some lesser-known produttori, while introducing us to some unusual grape varieties. He also tells us how to discover and understand their poetry in the glass and on the palate.” – Piero Selvaggio

“Tom has his finger on the pulse of contemporary Italy. His extensive experience with Italian winemakers and his passion for the land, vines and wines make this in-depth reference book a must-have for lovers of Italian wine.” - Debra Meiburg, MW, Hong Kong

“Tom Hyland has the sense of smell of Italian truffle dogs: he succeeds in unearthing excellent wines and great producers amidst the thousands, indeed tens of thousands of proposals. His book is a good trail to follow for all who love Italian wine. You can be secure: before recommending a glass, he enjoyed it!” – Luciano Pignataro, Wine journalist, Napoli

“Ultimately the book unfolds less like a straightforward primer and more like a vinous treasure map with fascinating nuggets to be found throughout.” - Ruth Tobias, editor, Sommelier Journal

“For the wine lover who wants to explore the spacious world of Italian wine, Beyond Barolo and Brunello offers a very wide door to a treasurehouse of wines and their producers.” - Tom Maresca, wine journalist specializing in Italian wines, New York City

To order the book, click here.

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