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I am a freelance wine writer and photographer specializing in the wines of Italy. I live in Chicago and recently completed my 58th trip to Italy. I have visited virutally every region in the country and am constantly amazed at the wonderful variety of wines produced from indigenous grapes (I am never amazed at the quality of the wines!).

I have been in the wine business for 32 years and have been writing for 14 years and have been a professional photographer for the past seven years. I currently contribute to publications such as Sommelier Journal as well as Decanter . I am a freelance photographer for Cephas Picture Library in England and have had my photos published in the publications above plus several more.

I have also conducted seminars on Italian wines on several occasions for the Italian Trade Commission in New York City and Chicago as well as for VinItaly USA, both in Chicago and Miami.

I have recently written my first book on Italian wines, titled¬†Beyond Barolo and Brunello: Italy’s Most Distinctive Wines, Information on the book and how to order can be found here.

My website is http://www.learnitalianwines.com

I can be reached by email at: thomas2022@comcast.net


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