Roero- The Road Less Traveled

Vineyards near Canale (Photo ©Tom Hyland) Piemonte is a region known for its wines, especially the great Nebbiolo-based reds Barolo and Barbaresco, iconic offerings produced from vineyards not far from the town of Alba in the Langhe district. Journalists expound the world-class qualities of wines from this area and tourists visit to experience the glories of … Continue reading Roero- The Road Less Traveled

Sending the wrong message

$$$$$$$$$ I read an article a few days ago about how some Italian wines are now among the world’s most expensive. Titled “The World’s Most Valuable Italian Wines,” this brief article (actually, a lengthy paragraph) details how a relatively few Italian wines now rank very high on the list of the world’s most expensive wines. … Continue reading Sending the wrong message

One White, One Red, Two Terroirs. All Italian Identity.

It’s no secret when it comes to Italian wines that the finest examples are made from indigenous varieties by individuals that have been working with vineyards in their homelands for decades, perhaps even longer. It’s what the Italians call anima or soul, and it’s what makes these wines so authentic, so exciting and so distinctive. I … Continue reading One White, One Red, Two Terroirs. All Italian Identity.

Campania Deserves Better

Fiano vineyards of Mastroberardino in the Fiano di Avellino production zone. This is one of Italy’s greatest whites, but one that was not given its due in a recent Wine Spectator article. (Photo ©Tom Hyland) The May 31, 2015 issue of the Wine Spectator featured an article by Alison Napjus titled “The Riches of Campania.” Good headline, especially … Continue reading Campania Deserves Better