2014 – A Challenging Year – in more ways than one

8 thoughts on “2014 – A Challenging Year – in more ways than one”

  1. Thank you for a sobering analysis on different vintages. Indeed, every vintage is a different beast and what is “great” for someone isn’t necessarily so for someone else. Structured wines are also my favorites over ripe wines, and I try to avoid wines from hot vintages. Again, they can be good on other merits, but nevertheless, enjoying wine is a very personal experience and depends a lot on our palate, personal preferences, tasting history and experience and even the context and the condition and provenance of the bottle in question. And that´s what makes tasting wine so exciting!

    1. Juha: Thank you for your comment. It seems we agree – yes, style should be explained more often, as you don’t find style by reading a score. It is a shame that more consumers and wine buyers take the easy way out and only look for high ratings. They miss out on a lot of great wines!

  2. It would be fascinating to assemble a blind “bad” year tasting event. One could do bad year flights or bad years of multiple wines from different producers or countries. Or perhaps a best of bad years featuring the talent of skilled winemakers.
    Expectation and anticipation play such important roles in enjoyment and price influences expectation strongly. Blind to name and price and savored carefully, perhaps on a fall evening or the right meal with no fruit forward comparison, what would be the experience of these wines. And how would they make us feel. Thanks for the considered piece, Tom.

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