Alto Piemonte – Un’altro Piemonte

6 thoughts on “Alto Piemonte – Un’altro Piemonte”

  1. Tom: Excellent run-down on the wines of a very exciting region. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend, but you’ve provided a very helpful summary. I really think that Alta Piemonte is just in the lift-off phase: its real glories — and our real pleasures — lie all before it. Speriamo, eh?
    Nice job! Tom

    1. Tom: Thank you for the comment and the kind words. Yes, it is a shame you couldn’t attend, as it was a bit of an eye-opening tasting, as I was tasting wines from producers I had not experienced before.

      I agree that Alto Piemonte is going to be a very important wine area in the near future. One producer showed me several new Nebbiolo vineyards, so perhaps in another 7 years or so, we should be experiencing some great new wines from Alto Piemonte.

      Yes, speriamo!

    1. Peter:

      Good of you to notice. Vallana did not participate in this event and I did not get an opportunity to visit the winery. I have enjoyed their wines (especially their Gattinara) in the past.

      1. Tom,
        Vallana’s Gattinara is a true bargain.
        I used to have access to the “Garrone” wines here in NJ but my source has stopped importing it. When I asked why the reply was when they tasted on site they felt that the winery used too much new wood on the top two wines and that there preference was for a more classic approach. Do you know if it’s in the States? Some of the other wines you highlighted don’t ring a bell as far as US importation are concerned as well: Zanetta & Barbagalia. Any known sources? I have “Pianelle” though Artisan Selections of Vermont (who wholesale in NY & NJ).
        I did Vinitaly for 26 years in a row but as a restaurant it has held less and less importance for me as it became exceedingly corporate. I go only once every few years now and therefore sped less time in Alto-Piemonte which was a stop on the way in or out of Italy. In the 80’s I could easily do direct imports in conjunction with some retail friends but these opportunities are rare now. Miss that and seeing those “Vinitaly friends” from around the world.

      2. Peter:

        I don’t believe Garrone wines are in the US, nor the Zanetta and Barbaglia. But not 100% sure about that.

        I know what you mean about VinItaly!

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