Maintaining an Italian Identity

6 thoughts on “Maintaining an Italian Identity”

  1. Tom,

    What differentiates Italy from the rest of the wine producing world is the plethora of indigenous grape varieties. Whilst Italy can produce outstanding wines from ‘international’ varieties e.g. Masseto which is perhaps one of the world’s best merlots it is not what I think Italy should be best known for.

    To me Italy will always be wonderful wines made like nowhere else in the world that enhance the flavours of food unlike almost all others.

    A journey thru Italian wines is simply a joy to behold!!

    Ciao Bob

  2. Dear Tom Hyland,

    Thank you for an excellent posting. It really is refreshing to read an educated and well-argumented article with good insight about wine magazines and their preferences. Italy really is a multi-faceted wine country with endless variety and lots of local identity. It is challenging, but also enjoyable. There is so much to discover, and visiting any region offers so many delights in cuisine and wine. That said, French wines are just as lovely and enjoyable, but Italian wines really seem to have a different taste profile. They are lighter and more acidic in style, which I find really refreshing. Alas, nowadays most of the palates are tuned more in favor of heavier and fuller (New World) wines and many consumers view Italian wines as dilute. Well, to each his own, but I raise my glass to the endless variety local identity n Italian wine!

    Best regards, Juha Tähkämaa Finland

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    1. Juha: Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, there are an endless variety of Italian wines, while the profile of these wines are largely different from New World wines. But if the major publications don’t like these Italian wines, well, that means there are more for you and me!

  3. Excellent point about there being no wines from Barbaresco on the list. I agree with all of your mentions, but although I realize the list of wonderful wines from the zone is long, don’t forget Cà del Baio. One has to wonder how the talented, humble Giulio Grasso and his daughters’ wines from Cà del Baio are not mentioned on the list as well when Gambero Rosso has been awarding them Tre Bicchieri for nearly 10 straight vintages (I’ve lost count) and Robert Parker also has a very high opinion of the wines. And rightfully so.

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