Thoughts on Recent Great New Releases

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Recent Great New Releases”

  1. Ciao Tom- Fiorano, you only have one side of the story. Prince Ludovisi left half of the estate and the title to a distance cousin because he is a male -very Italian. The other half of the property went to the Prince Ludovisi’s daughter, she married Piero Antinori. Their daughter , Alessia has a winery on the other half of the property Tenuta Fiorano and she make wine and on the week-ends guests come and can have lunch and enjoy a day in the country. I have met Alessia a number of times and have visited the winery and had lunch there. Last year I visited
    both estates in the same week. The old prince made a red wine that could last forever, it just might be my favorite wine,- 3 years ago I had the 1968- the fill was almost to the top and the wine was showing no signs of age. If you want more info see my blog on the subject- it is very Byzantine and there is a legal battle going on

    1. Charles:

      Thank you for your comment. I know from conversations with you as well as reading some of your articles that Fiorano has long been a special wine for you. I did read your article on your blog and read about your lunch with Alessia.

      Thank you for filling me in on the remainder of the story, which I know my readers will find fascinating and illuminating. I certainly hope to visit the estate very soon and enjoy these superb wines at their spiritual home.

      1. Tom,
        I understand only too well your enthusiasm for the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicherri tastings. Last year for the first time they came to Melbourne and whilst the number of wines available for tasting were less than that at Chicago it did include a number of wines that are not available here. The master class conducted by Marco Sabellico was the standout for me. Fortunately the wines fro Maurizio Zanetta are distributed in Australia and every new wine I have tried invariably seems better than it’s predecessor!

        I was away when you posted the Piedmonte ones last year. I brought the Barolo MGA from the Australian distributor and it is indeed a masterful tome – Grazie Alessandro.

        Whilst I do not reply every time – I do enjoy reading each new post.


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