Sending the wrong message

10 thoughts on “Sending the wrong message”

  1. Agree with most of what you say Tom; except for your point towards the end. There are some examples of Nebbiolo coming out of Australia now (S.C. Pannell for one) that are at least the equal of good Piemontese producers, and better many of the larger Italian producers (like Battisina). But that in itself is a good thing; if people recognise the greatness of Italian varieties and are prepared to go the long haul to getting them growing in their own countries, isn’t it?

    1. Damien:

      Thanks for the comment. I did try a Nebbiolo from Australia about eight or nine years ago that I thought was quite good. I also tried one from Santa Barbara County in California that was distinctive (it’s been some time since I tasted these wines, so I don’t have the tasting notes at hand and can’t remember the wines). While these two wines were pleasant surprises, I can’t say that either had the complexity of a first-rate Barolo.

      But maybe I’ll get the opportunity to try the S.C. Pannell one day. Thank you for bringing this wine to my attention.

  2. Tom you are spot as usual and as someone who has been in Sonoma and Napa this past week, where you can spit and hit a $100 bottle of cab that sucks, the examples of Italian wines you mention in the $50 range will always and forever exhibit plenty of complexity and verve.

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    Dear Tom,

    I have been enjoying your comments and, as you may recall, my wife is a subscriber for your new book (a present).

    How is it coming along? It certainly is a fascinating subject.

    Regards, Doug Walter

    1. Doug:

      Back from my latest trip to Piemonte for final research on the book and am working overtime trasnaribing interviews and organizing notes. It will be finished soon and then after editing and such, we’re looking at publication in the spring.

  4. Tom, well said! The beauty of wine is it’s distinctiveness, which Italy provides without having to spend a fortune! Food and wine, such a necessary joy of life! Thank you for your work.

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