Favorite Italian Wines of the Year – 2014

4 thoughts on “Favorite Italian Wines of the Year – 2014”

  1. Dear Mr. Hyland,

    I have very much enjoyed your postings, and was startled to hear of your heart operation. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and continued writing.

    A couple of additional comments. I believe I noticed previously that you live in Chicago. We wife and I live there too, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, which we very much enjoy.

    We also enjoy Italy very much as well. In fact, I am writing from Italy right now, where we have a home (in lovely countryside, with many olive trees) in the hills outside Arezzo. Most of your comments are on northern and Marche wines. Do you ever get a bit farther south to some of the Tuscan wines?.

    Regards, Doug

    Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015 19:25:55 +0000 To: douglashwalter@msn.com

    1. Doug:

      Thank you for your nice comment. You will note that I did include one Tuscan wine, a Brunello. I enjoy Tuscany very much, but didn’t get there this past year, as I was working on projects in other regions. But hopefully I will get there soon and include more of them in next year’s wrapup.

      By the way, I still live in Chicago.

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