Thoughts on Tre Bicchieri 2015

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tre Bicchieri 2015”

  1. Very nice post, Tom. I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding it to several colleagues who I think would also appreciate it.

    Tom Maresca 79 West 12 Street ­ 16D New York, NY 10011 phone & fax: +1 212 741 7510 email: email: blog:

    From: learnitalianwines Reply-To: learnitalianwines Date: Monday, November 24, 2014 3:12 PM To: Thomas Maresca Subject: [New post] Thoughts on Tre Bicchieri 2015 tom hyland posted: ” The Tre Bicchieri awards of Gambero Rosso have been announced for 2015 and as usual, there are many familiar names on the list along with some welcome new ones. It’s a well thought out list, one that honors Italy’s most famous wine types suc”

    1. Tom:

      Thank you for your kind words and also for forwarding this along. I think that Gambero Rosso has been particularly efficient this year. I didn’t comment on too many regions, but there certainly are some surprises this year, especially regarding Campania.

  2. Tom, Once again a great post but it seems that Palm Bay still does not bring in the the Alta Langa from Serrafino, at least according to their web-site. I recall speaking to someone last year and they didn’t have any here in the USA. Do you have any insight? I know that this is a difficult category especially with the higher tax. Hell it’s difficult to find many Franciacorta here as well. I actually prefer Alta Langa but it seem almost no one brings one in. Do you know of any that make it to the US or NY Metro?

    1. Peter:

      Thanks for the comment. I do not believe that Palm Bay has any plans on bringing in the Serafino.

      The only Alta Langa I’ve seen in the states is from Cocci (I’ve seen it at Eataly Chicago- not sure about NYC) and I’m sure as they also produce an Asti Spumante, that has something to do with it. I agree that there should be more Alta Langa imported. Great product and not expensive.

      1. Cocchi can allegedly be found in NY. This is now two posts this year about Serafino. Perhaps someone at Palm Bay is paying attention! If you have any contacts there maybe you can open their eyes. Certainly a limited item but given how many serious Italian restaurants there are, worth a shot. Smart marketing and a pre-sell might work. If they can sell mediocre Italian beer like Nastro Azzuro and excellent (and outrageously expensive) Italian ale and beer, seems to reason that they could sell some Alta Langa.

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