Carignano del Sulcis – A Gem from Sardinia

4 thoughts on “Carignano del Sulcis – A Gem from Sardinia”

  1. Lovely post, Tom. Wonderful area indeed, and particularly those alberellos on Sant’Antioco… You must have tasted the Buio Buio from Mesa as well? My absolute favourite from this area is 6Mura, which does a Carignano from 150-year-old ungrafted alberello vines. Not the hugest wine of the area, but clearly the most intense and dense. A pity you did not get to taste that.


    1. Ole:

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I also tasted the “Buio, Buio” which is excellent. Cantina Mesa also produced a 10 year anniversary wine called “Gavino” (named for the proprietor) that is even better- it’s from 65 year old vines and is a superb example of Carignano. No I did not taste the wines from 6 Mura, but I know of their reputation. I’m guessing you cna figure out why I did not try those wines on this trip.

  2. Excellent article Tom, look forward to meet you next monday in Boston and taste some of the great Sardinian Carignanos. Ciao!

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