Pleasures to be Treasured

2 thoughts on “Pleasures to be Treasured”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Great reviews as always, thanks – I will be in search of the Rocca Sveva as I am also a Soave fan.

    I must say though, enough with the north, when are you coming to Puglia? Just kidding about the north part of course, but I can’t count the times I’ve been extremely impressed by some serious wines down here – Minutolo (Fiano) and Falangina that are as good as the best ones I’ve had from Campania, some amazing Primitivo and Negromaro blends (both traditional and modern), impressive Locorotondo whites made from verdeca and bianco d’alessano, (Cantina Albea “Il Selva” for example) some great chardonnays from the Selento, etc. etc.

    Even the big producers like Due Palme, Cantele, Tormaresca and A Mano make some really impressive wines, that all span from light, easy drinking and inexpensive whites to big, age-worthy reds. Not to mention I’ve had some of the best rosato wines here I’ve had anywhere; and one can’t forget Moscato di Trani.

    I know you know all of this anyway and have reviewed some excellent Pugliese wines in your book…just reminding you and making a plea for more attention that I think it deserves. It will be interesting to learn what the vintage will be like this year as the summer has been unusually cool and wet…even more reason to make a return visit.


    1. Ciao Mark:

      Sounds like you’ve found a home in Puglia. I have work that takes me to other regions, but I will make it to Puglia one of these days!

      You are right about Puglia not getting enough attention. Not many magazines seem to think Puglia is worthy of attention, it seems.

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