First-Rate Sparkling wines from Piemonte

8 thoughts on “First-Rate Sparkling wines from Piemonte”

  1. Tom, I spoke to Palm Bay and they don’t have any plans to import these. Of course they also have Ferrari which is a major conflict. You have been a champion of classic method Italian sparkling wines but admittedly they are a difficult sale. With the sparkling wine tax being equal to Champagne and the somewhat obscure nature of many Italian labels no wonder. I stock the Maso Martis wines based on your recommendation but they sell for the same price as many quality Champagnes though they are as good or better. Still a hand sell.

    1. Peter:

      Thank you for the comment. Hard sell or not – and I understand why some of these wines aren’t imported in the US – I will continue to write about these wines, as they are excellent.

  2. Tom,
    Do you know of ANY Alta Langa wines that actually are imported?
    I also love the glass but it too does not look to be available here. I guess that this is only available from the Consorzio, Ideas?

  3. Hi Tom,
    We were in Neive in May, and as I check my photos, I see we had Enrico Serafino Brut during apertivo, served in the proper glass as you show. And this was at the little wine bar Cincillegra. I sure wish wine bar owners in the States would be so thoughtful with their stemware!

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