Terminum – Perfection

4 thoughts on “Terminum – Perfection”

  1. Great post, Tom. I’m on a quest now to find this “perfect” wine. There are a couple of wine shops here in Bari with very extensive selections, but we’re headed to Lake Garda next week, so I’ll look there first as we’ll be closer to the source.
    I look forward to reading the reviews of your other finds from your most recent trip as well.

    1. Mark: Glad you enjoyed it. I can imagine it’s not easy finding Alto Adige wines in Puglia, but you should have pretty good luck in the north.

      How’s life in Puglia?

      1. Great, so far. I’m discovering some really nice Fiano, Falanghina and Aglianico (among other decent wines) from Puglia and the salento at extremely reasonable prices. The Cantele Amativo (60% primitivo/40% negroamaro) is my favorite Puglian so far.

        Did you ever run across the Triade (fiano, falanghina, greco) during any of your trips to Campania? Probably the best white I’ve had since I’ve been here.
        Will let you know if I’m lucky enough to find the Terminum.

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