Roberto Voerzio – Memorable Wines and Words

4 thoughts on “Roberto Voerzio – Memorable Wines and Words”

    1. Ole:

      Thanks. Roberto is indeed a very engaging person. I agree with you about his more recent wines. As powerful as the wines have always been, I found the latest offergins to be more multidimensional with a better fruit/oak balance. Several of them are sublime!

  1. Some people have claimed that the Barolo bottlings are ‘fortified’ with something other than Nebbiolo. Some have suggested Voerzio grows a bit of Syrah and that this contributes the darker color to his wines. I don’t suppose this topic was broached…

    1. Interesting comment. I have heard a few conspiracy theorists talk about grapes other than Nebbiolo in some Barolos. Where’s the proof? After the Brunello scandal, don’t you think that other approaches that varied from the disciplinare throughout Italy would have been checked? I don’t believe this for a second.

      And there’s certainly nothing but Nebbiolo in Roberto Voerzio’s wine. Check out the colors on the 2008 and 2009s- beautiful garnet – classic!

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