Little-Known Italian Wine Surprises

3 thoughts on “Little-Known Italian Wine Surprises”

  1. Tom I love that you write up interesting and lesser known wines. Is the Emidio Pepe Trebbiano in your book by chance? It’s expensive here in the states but it is actually one of the most incredible whites I have ever tasted – and from Trebbiano, a grape that in most hands produces dull and uninteresting wine. The only wine I can liken it to is one of Lopez de Heredia’s white Riojas.

    1. Jonas: I haven’t tried that wine, so thanks much for the recommendation. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it!

      One of my favorite surprise whites in the book is the Illuminati Pecorino. A producer famous for Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, but this is a beautiful white.

  2. Hello Thomas-

    I came upon your blog while pulling together information for an upcoming trip to the Langhe. I am in pursuit of the wines that never make it to the states. The wines that are not produced in large enough quantities or only produced in a small region of the Langhe. How do I find them? Additionally, Im making ‘ wine run” from Chicago to Alba because I want to taste Dolcetto where its made and with the people who make it and love it… as I do. I will be purchasing your book, but are there other books that can tell me of wines I should taste but have never heard of ? For example, I’m hoping to taste brachetto, ruche and freesia. I can only imagine what else is there I don’t even know about! Any other references that you can point me to I would really appreciate. Thanks

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