Traditional Words of Wisdom from Gianpaolo Paglia

6 thoughts on “Traditional Words of Wisdom from Gianpaolo Paglia”

  1. Bravo Gianpaolo. The world of lockstep individualists needs more people and winemakers like you. The delight of wine that expresses it region, its people and it’s grapes, is the one that excites the mind, not just the tongue. I look forward toward tasting your wine.

  2. Great interview, Tom. I was in Puglia last October and had an opportunity to visit a couple of wineries and they were saying the same thing. Essentially, what I heard was, enough with the foreign varietals and new world production techniques- first, it does not represent the tradition and sense of place, as mentioned in your interview, but they can’t compete with those wines anyway. It was exciting to see that this is happening even with small producers in the south. These were great wines too. My hope is that as the American palate becomes more accepting of, and interested in, these wines, the good ones will find a market here.

    1. Mark:

      Thanks for your insightful comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s great to know that you encountered similar opinions from local producers during your visits. The pendulum is turning and I think more and more consumers are looking for wines with a sense of place. Let’s hope that Giampaolo is a prophet of things to come.

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