Marvelous Marsala from Florio

6 thoughts on “Marvelous Marsala from Florio”

    1. Charles:

      Thank you for your excellent comment. Based on these wines, I am going to look for more great Marsala on my trip to Italy next week, as I’d like to find more wines like these.

  1. Tom,
    Thank you for this post. Any advice regarding purchase, i.e. via the Internet or another resource?

    1. Good question. There is a national importer for Florio, but they do not bring these wines into the US. You maya have to get them from European channels. It’s frustrating, but I wanted to showcase these wines.

  2. As a enthusiast (and NYC retail buyer of Marsala, Sherry, and Madeira), you (and Charles) are spot on with the general assessment that Marsala is misunderstood, facing a fixed bias/judgement summed up in that word we loathe hearing – sweet. The only premium Marsalas I sell are de Bartoli (1) because they are on the market; (2) lack of demand that leaves little shelf space; (3) but still, the category must have representation, even if only one brand.

    It would be fantastic if these Florio Marsalas reach the U.S. as I am finding a younger demographic enthusiastic, curious, and open to purchasing aperitifs/digestifs in general. Thanks for your reporting, Tom.

    1. Melissa:

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. First, I greatly appreciate it when you take the time to write, as I know you’re reading my posts and care enough to comment on it, which means that my words carry some insight.

      I agree with you that it would be great if these Florio Marsalas did reach a younger audience. Younger wine drinkers are constantly looking for different products and these are something very distinct.

      Thanks again for your enthusiasm and continue your great work educating consumers and trade on the singular wines of Italy.

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