Amarone’s Glory Days

3 thoughts on “Amarone’s Glory Days”

  1. Remember well the days in the 90s at The Village when we couldn’t keep enough Amarone della Valpolicella in stock to last a month! It used to fly out the door.
    One guy, McDonald, worked for Amtrak and would bring in 8 to 10 people at a time, twice a month. He would do almost a case of the wines a month – always Amarone!
    At the same time, it was hard to find good Amarone to buy and still not be gouging the public.

  2. Tom:

    I follow you and appreciate your take on Italian wines; especially re: traditionally made Nebbiolo from the Langhe!

    The 2007 Buglioni Bugiardo (ripasso) is a lovely wine at a bit less than half the price of their Amarone; it has a splendid bouquet and a mouth-filling richness balanced by lively acidity; it could easily pass as an elegant Amarone.

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