Barolo- che preferisci?

4 thoughts on “Barolo- che preferisci?”

  1. Hi Tom – wonderful points. As a huge nebbiolo fan and a fan of more traditional methods, I would probably come down on the ’06 over ’07 side of the argument. I wonder however, that given the fact that Barolo and Barbaresco need 15 years or so to start really showing those incredible aromas and flavors, if that amount of time would blur the lines between old world and new world styles. I guess I’m saying that as you get further along on the development timeline, the difference in styles may not matter anymore as the beauty of nebbiolo may overshadow what happens in the cellar. Cheers.

    1. Jonas:

      Thanks for the comment. I would agree that the differences between modern and traditional Barolo are indeed more evident in the first few years, although I recently tried a modernist Barolo from 1988 that was still a bit unwieldy in its tannins (most likely from the new wood). So sometimes these differences do appear in an older wine. But more often than not, 15-20 years will round out just about any Barolo and render a gorgeous wine.

  2. Great post Tom. As long as the winemaking allows the vineyard to speak, I don’t have a preference for one style over the other. Barolo has never been better in terms of the divide that once existed between the so called ‘modern v’s traditional’ as growers often have a foot in both camps. In my opinion, the more traditional large format botti aged Barolo – Prunotto Bussia 58′ – is capable of longer cellaring, but with many one time modernists reducing the new oak and extending maceration times, their recent wines are likely to go the distance as well. Like you, I prefer the 06’s over 07′, but I love the 08’s!

    1. Matt:

      Thanks for your kind words and for your insightful comments. I have only tasted a few ’08s from barrel and have been quite impressed. Many of the producers believe 2008 will be an exceptional vintage for Barolo – definitely more Piemontese in style. Certainly the examples of 2008 Barbaresco I’ve tasted so far (these are now bottled) have been excellent to outstanding.

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