Surprising Italian Whites that age

6 thoughts on “Surprising Italian Whites that age”

  1. Viogner in Sicily? Sounds divine and I love Pianetto as well !!! And Pieropan is an excellent Soave producer. Well written Tom – thank you for representing Italian wines the way that you do.

  2. Tom, what a great topic, and I was just thinking what to open tomorrow! I think I’ll open something from Edi Kante from Carso, his whites tend to show beautifully at 10 years of age, and I still have a few of his 1998’s and 1999’s, so I’ll see whether it can be extended beyond 10 years 🙂

    1. Andrzej:

      How nice to hear from you and thank you for the excellent comment. I agree with you about the Edi Kante wines- they are beautifully structured. I hope the wines you mention will be in great shape when you try them.

  3. Fantastic article. I agree that Italian whites in general are underrated and it makes sense that they would age well as the best examples are wonderfully balanced with good fruit and good acidity. I am a huge fan of Italian whites – from the Gewurztraminers and Sauvignon Blancs of the North to Falanghinas of the South. I love good Soaves and Verdicchios as well. Cheers.

    1. Jonas:

      Thanks for your kind words. Always nice to know there are fellow lovers of Italian white wines out there. As you commented, there are first-rate whites throughout Italy, from north to south. I’m always finding new surprises.

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