2009- Shaping up to be a great year

4 thoughts on “2009- Shaping up to be a great year”

  1. Tom, thanks for the info. Seems the quality of Italian wine is consistently good in the past decade. I tend to focus on Nebbiolo a lot. Now that you started praising the 2009, what’s your take in terms of stocking up on Barolo/Barbaresco for 2005-2010 vintages?

    Obviously 2001 and 2004 were great. 2005 is nice and more approachable. 2006 looks solid but needs time. But for those who don’t necessarily need to buy every year, and have a rather full cellar already, after 2004, which vintages would you really try to stock up on?

    1. Gary:

      Yes, from reading your blog, I know how you love Nebbiolo and the red wines of Piemonte in general. You have exquisite taste!

      There’s really been a great streak of vintages from 2004-2009. You know the ’04s and yes, the ’05s are lighter, but are beautifully balanced. Your assessment of ’06 is spot on. I tasted my first two 2007 Barolos the other day at an event in NY. Nice forward punch, excellent ripeness. I’ve already had dozens of ’07 Barbarescos and they are lovely wines – not as big as ’06, but more aromatic and approachable with excellent harmony- a vintage that should please everyone.

      I’ve had some ’08 Nebbiolos – excellent vintage – somewhat like ’98 – rich, but not powerhouse, with excellent balance. ’09 was a warmer vintage- explosive fruit, but still nice acidity, so this could be a great vintage. Several producers in Barolo and Barbaresco have told me that ’09 could be on the best vintages of the last twenty years.

      1. Tom, thanks, to cut to the chase – if you have $1200 to spend on Barolo/Barbaresco and you generally already have enough to drink for now, because you’d bought a ton of 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2004, what are you going to buy? What would be your strategy?

    2. Gary:

      Hard to say – definitely some 2007 Barbaresco, especially the normale from Produttori. I’ll know more about the 2007 Barolos in a few months. Looks like the 2009 Langhe Nebbiolo could be worth your time as well, while you’re waiting for the 2006s to come around.

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