Best Values of the Year – Italian Reds

2 thoughts on “Best Values of the Year – Italian Reds”

  1. Thanks for the great assessment of Cascina Roccalini wines. They were an extraordinary find, and from the first sniff of Dolcetto (of all things), we were 100% convinced we HAD TO HAVE these wines. Paolo Veglio is still very young, and many of his vines aren’t too old either, so I think we’ll see deepening complexity and nuance over the years.

    Now that all the praise is reverberating in our ears, maybe somebody will step up and distribute our wines in Chicago.

    1. Terence:

      Thank you again for linking me up with Paolo, so I could discover these exceptional wines!

      I wish I had a distributorship myself here, as I’d snatch them up myself. I’ll talk to a few people, but I haven’t gotten much positive feedback about Piemonte wines as of late from local salespeople. I definitely think distributors and importers in New York are more energetic and positive on wines such as these.

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