Recent Barolo and Barbaresco Vintages

2 thoughts on “Recent Barolo and Barbaresco Vintages”

  1. Tom, thanks for the vintage accounts – useful reference, and it echoes my experiences so far. I’ve been hearing that 2006 is a classical year. A few months ago when I started tasting them pre-release, they showed extremely tannic. But now 6 mo later they are starting to open up a little bit. Promises to be good. 05’s have been charming and hard to resist. 03’s and 00’s tricky. The 98’s I’ve had lately have been good, wish I had more. Given the good fortune of attractive vintages in Barbaresco/Barolo, hopefully the prices will stay flat to down. (No wonder Produttori chose not to bottle their single-vineyards in 2006). Interesting, Gary Vaynerchuk recently pronounced Nebbiolo to be massively underrated and underpriced, and the next up-n-comer.

    1. Gary:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you and hope that the producers do keep pricing reasonable. A few producers in Piemonte have admitted that pricing for the region’s wines is, in general, a bit high. There are just too many wines out there. Nice of Gary to state that Nebbiolo is underrated and underpriced. I think in the large scheme of things, he’s correct.

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