The Best Italian White You’ve Never Tried

4 thoughts on “The Best Italian White You’ve Never Tried”

  1. Great wine and great family behind it. The father of Michele, Professor Attilio Scienza, in addition is one of the most incredible people in the Italian wine panorama, a great scientist and historian as well as a very refined mind.

    1. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Attilio a few times and he always amazes me with his encyclopedic knowledge of Italian wine history. He is a real treasure.

  2. Tom:
    I agree completely with you about the great Italian WHITE WINES.
    I like them because they offer an incredibly wide spectrum: so many different aromas and flavors,
    So many varieties and so many wine zones.
    Mine is a Piedmontese palate and I am in love with ARNEIS & CORTESE (Gavi), but I do not know an Italian white variety that is less than outstanding.
    I liked your comments about the Bianco of Guado al Melo. This is really a different, beautiful wine. Paolo

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