Friuli – The Great Whites of Collio and Colli Orientali

4 thoughts on “Friuli – The Great Whites of Collio and Colli Orientali”

    1. I do like several of Jermann’s wines very much, but many of his vineyards are in the Isonzo area with only some in Collio, so that’s why he’s not listed in this post. I’ll comment on some of his wines in the future.

  1. Tom,

    I think that there are several other producers that are worth mentioning. They receive less international recognition, but I feel are quite phenomenal.

    I am a fan of the G. Dorigo oaked whites and his Montsclapade.

    And the sauvignon from Rosa Bosco is my favorite.

    Rodero (across the street from Tunella) makes some decent wines.

    And the NE corner of the Colli Orientali zone, where some interesting sweet white’s, called Romandolo is made from the verduzzo friulano. Maybe nothing spectacular, but a tiny zone worth a visit and taste.

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