Sirica – Feudi’s Latest Indigenous Gem

4 thoughts on “Sirica – Feudi’s Latest Indigenous Gem”

  1. Tom: I salute you — and Capaldo, for sure — for discovering another of southern Italy’s forgotten treasures. I can’t wait to taste this for myself: looks like a trip to Campania may become necessary. Nice detective work on both your parts.

  2. Tom:

    Thanks for your comment. Always happy to find new treasures from the south, especially when it’s a forgotten variety. Antonio told me I was the first foreign journalist to taste this wine, for which I am deeply grateful.

    The Capaldo family truly deserves our thanks for all the great work they have done and continue to do.

  3. Tom, thank you very much for visiting us and for writing this wonderful piece.
    I hope Sirica will be another way to communicate our territory and our great viticulture tradition.
    I hope to welcome you again soon at the winery and Tom (Maresca), looking forward to receive your visit

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