Produttori del Barbaresco – Top 100

5 thoughts on “Produttori del Barbaresco – Top 100”

  1. Tom, wow, what a great profile of what has to be my all-time favorite winery in the world. I only recently had my first opportunity to taste all the crus side-by-side and found it to be an entirely exhilarating experience. I love what you have to say about how, no matter what style of Barbaresco you like, Produttori del Barbaresco is THE reference point.

    Another awesome post in this series… good stuff man!

    1. Jeremy:

      Thanks so much for your great comment. This is a nice compliment coming from you.

      The Produttori Barbarescos really unite wine drinkers, don’t they?

  2. I just had both wines and they are different. Aldo told me the 05 vintage was difficult for the Barolo producers and the Barbaresco folks had easier conditions. The wine is solid and delicious. He was also excited about the 08 vintage as witnessed by the youthful and powerful Nebbiolo. I’d probably buy the 05 Barbaresco if the price was similar.

    1. Alfonso:

      Thanks for your notes. I hadn’t tried both wines, so your thoughts are helpful.

      I did try three of the 2005 cru Barbarescos from Produttori at VinItaly and they are gorgeous wines (no surprise!) with sleek tannins and beautiful balancing acidity. The Ovello is a gorgeous wine!

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