Great Piemontese Whites – Erbaluce and Timorasso

6 thoughts on “Great Piemontese Whites – Erbaluce and Timorasso”

  1. Tom,
    You’ve peaked my curiosity about Timorasso. An obscure and rare white grape grown in the king of the red wines zone Piedmonte? Sounds like a treasure hunt. A quick search on the net confirmed my suspicion that locating a few bottles would not be easy. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes, Timorasso is a real gem and it’s only made by a handful of producers. Thus there’s not a lot to go around. I doubt you’d find this wine outside of a major market such as New York or San Francisco.

    Best idea is to do a google search – perhaps you can find it online. Try one of the producers I mentioned in the article.

  3. one of the best timorassos I have drunk is Cascina I Carpini from Pozzo del Groppo. Not to be overlooked. Has a holistic approach and loves experimenting. Even makes a SPARKLING Timorasso which is outstanding because it has that great acidity! Love this variety!

  4. Just opened and enjoyed a 2010 Timorasso from Claudio Mariotto that I purchased at La Cambusa in Stresa (Lago Maggiore). My first taste of this wine, and it was outstanding. Blindfolded, I might have thought it was a Chardonnay because of its full character and oak. Lots of herbs and earth. What a gem,

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